Metal surfaces are our passion!

We have been supplying processes for professional tool and parts cleaning since 1984.
From blasting to ultrasonic processing to pyrolysis – our cleaning concepts offer a sterling response to the
steadily growing number of new requirements arising from advanced industrial production and maintenance operations.

WIWOX customers benefit from our vertical integration and longstanding experience.
They can count on us for competent advice and complete solutions that deliver maximum efficiency,
tailored to their specific applications. Trials and comparative testing can be conducted in our in-house laboratory.
Moreover, customers can either purchase or rent our systems, or opt for contract cleaning instead.

Our most important objective: successful, satisfied customers!
We achieve this goal with a highly motivated staff of qualified employees, coupled with a corporate culture
based on partnership and mutual trust. Together, we define values such as quality and functionality
in a constantly evolving process of product improvement and continuous dialogue between manufacturer and user.

Or consider economic efficiency – here, too, the high customer utility of our products helps set the standard
for successful competitiveness. As a system maker and single-source supplier of a complete range of
surface cleaning products, including high-quality blast media, we attach enormous importance to
workplace safety and environmental sustainability. Accordingly, we accompany our customers every step of the way,
from securing the necessary permits to commissioning and maintenance.

WIWOX means long-term, successful cooperation.
We forge strong business ties through open communication, innovation and service.
And this is what we mean when we say: “TOP-CLEAN MANAGEMENT®”.