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Blasting systems

Everything is possible, from compact to huge plants designed according to customer requirements.
In combination with our best tested blasting agents – whether metallic, organic or mineral –
a large number of different surface treatments are possible.

WIWOX® DP-BB blasting cabinets

Pressure blasting cabinets with ex-protection for organic blasting media

WIWOX® DI-EU blasting cabinets

Compact injector blast cabinets with cartridge filter and blasting media recovery system

WIWOX® DP-EU blasting cabinets

Surface cleaning and treatment with mineral and metallic blasting media

WIWOX® Screew feeder

Semi / fully automatic screw feeding modules for injection moulding and extruder screws

WIWOX® MT micro blasters

Transportable free blasters for precise finishing, matting, deburring, etc.