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WIWOX® DP-BB blasting cabinets

Pressure blasting cabinets with ex-protection for organic blasting media

Product description

WIWOX® DP-BB blast cabinets with combined blasting and blow-off function (Blast´n´blow®) and ex-protection accord. to 1999/92/EC for paint stripping and surface decoating in seconds. Fine organic blasting media get shot onto the workpiece by compressed air, whereby even stubborn thick layers are loosened in shortest time by the effect of the soft, but sharp-edged granulates. Even sensitive tool surfaces get not damaged. The blasting process is suitable for the removal of all solid, exposed residues, especially on metallic surfaces of production tools and high-quality machine parts. Blasting granulate and blasting pressure are adapted to the respective application.

With the pressure blasting process you can clean extruder and injection moulding screws, blowing heads, moulds and profile tools much faster and more gently than with conventional cleaning methods. In extensive tests with your own workpieces you can convince yourself of the economic efficiency of our system.

Product details

  • Stable vacuum cabinet with sound and wear protection lining
  • Side swing doors in sandwich construction with safety switches
  • 20 l pressure vessel with pneum. Control and automatic dosing slide valve
  • Large oval openings with Sandfighter® blasting gloves
  • Control panel with LED display
  • Filter vacuum monitoring
  • PLC control Siemens S7-1200
  • Bright 50 W LED lighting / 2,500 Lux
  • Air consumption approx. 2,500 l/min at 4 bar and 8 mm nozzle
  • Operating pressure max. 6 bar / Working pressure max. 5 bar
  • Energy saving function and beam hour counter
  • Blasting media recovery system
  • Blasting media dosing unit
  • Coarse filter screen with magnetic separator
  • Exhaust fan
  • Integrated cartridge filter
  • Autom. compressed air impulse filter cleaning
  • Dust collector container


  • Paint stripping
  • Decoating
  • Deisolation

Options and accessories

  • nozzle holder
  • Semi / fully automatic screw conveyors
  • Door opening for lateral insertion of extruder and injection moulding screws, profile and bar material
  • Crane slot for lateral insertion of hanging parts
  • Turntable, stationary or movable
External dimensions1250 x 1530 x
2080 H mm
1550 x 1620 x
2150 H mm
1750 x 2040 x
2020 H mm
2250 x 2040 x
2020 H mm
Effective dimensions1110 x 930 x
830 H mm
1370 x 1000 x
890 H mm
1700 x 1400 x
1100 H mm
2200 x 1400 x
1100 H mm
Door dimensions830 x 720 H mm920 x 780 H mm1290 x 990 H mm1290 x 990 H mm
Loading weight (*)350 kg350 kg750 kg750 kg
Weight510 kg705 kg1180 kg1430 kg
Number of filters2 pcs.3 pcs.2 pcs.3 pcs.
filter surface9 m²13,5 m²42 m²63 m²
Suction capacity800 m²1200 m²2000 m²2000 m²
Negative pressure1600 Pa2200 Pa2500 Pa2500 Pa
Fan motor1,1 kW1,5 kW3 kW3 kW
Connection400 V/50 Hz + Pe + 0400 V/50 Hz + Pe + 0400 V/50 Hz + Pe + 0400 V/50 Hz + Pe + 0
compressed air3/4" - inlet pressure max. 6 bar / blasting pressure max. 5 bar3/4" - inlet pressure max. 6 bar / blasting pressure max. 5 bar3/4" - inlet pressure max. 6 bar / blasting pressure max. 5 bar3/4" - inlet pressure max. 6 bar / blasting pressure max. 5 bar
Lighting50 W LED50 W LED50 W LED50 W LED

(*) In combination with the turntable with loading platform accessory, the maximum loading weight increases to 500 kg for the DP-12/14 BB and to 1000 kg for the DP-17/22 BB.