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Cleaning Service

Fast – Efficient – Profitable

Our customers count on our team in contract cleaning when it comes to daily cleaning –
with modern cleaning methods, e.g. thermal with pyrolysis, aqueous with ultrasound or mechanical with lapping,
we can clean and improve their high-quality tools.

Whether extrusion or injection moulding tools, extruder screws, hot runners, nozzles, filters, moulds, sieves, gluing or
coating devices – everything is cleaned by us for you! A detailed consultation and the documented cleaning of samples guarantees
constant results over a long period of time.

Test us – In addition to a comprehensive consultation, we offer you the possibility to carry out
your own cleaning tests of work parts up to a length of 3 m and / or 4 t weight.

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Our cleaning concepts are the answer to familiar and new challenges in industrial production and maintenance.
Our customers benefit from our many years of experience and receive the best economical complete solution.