WIWOX® SF Screew feeder

Semi / fully automatic screw feeding modules for injection moulding and extruder screws

Product description

Moveable feeding-system for semi-automatic screw-cleaning. The dirty screw is placed on one of the feeding systems and rotates on its way through the Blasting cabinet. The cleaning is made manually with a plastic blasting media in a pressure Blasting cabinet. The cleaned screw can be picked up at the second feeding system.

The screw is moved through the cabin with 7 pairs of driven rolls, controlled with an additional Food pedal. The feeding systems are connected to the blasting cabinet with a strong magnet. Both systems are moveable and can be stored away easily.

Product details

  • Modul dimensions 3.000 x 670 x 1.150 H mm
  • Weight 500 kg
  • Screw length (max.) 3.500 mm
  • Screw Ø (min./max.) 60 – 160 mm
  • Screw weight (max.) 750 kg