WIWOX® NP-EU wet blasting cabinets

Surface treatment with mineral blasting media

Product description

WIWOX® NP-EU series wet blasting cabins clean and finish surfaces in just a few seconds. Due to the wide range of abrasives that can be used, suitable results can be achieves for every application, e.g. fine finish of visible surfaces.

The combination of abrasive, water and compressed air creates a grinding effect of the abrasive on the workpiece surface. The penetration depth of individual grains is reduced and very uniform, visually appealing surface are produced. Sensitive surfaces can also be processed gently in this way.

A wide range of accessories, such as special loading systems and special constructions, also allow special requirements to be implemented.

Options and accessories

  • Blasting nozzle holder
  • Stationary turntable


  • Cleaning
  • Finishing
  • Smoothing
  • Polishing
External dimensions1250 x 1360 x 1945 H mm
Usable dimensions1100 x 940 x 820 H mm
Door dimensions830 x 825 H mm
Max loading350 kg
Weightca. 460 kg
Exhaust volume350 m³
Exhaust fan0,55 kW
Electrical connection230V, 50Hz + Earth, 10A, 0,65 kW
Compressed air supply1/2“ - 6 bar
Lighting20 W LED
DirectivesNEN-EN IEC 60204-1:2016, NEN-EN ISO 12100-1:2010, NEN-EN ISO 13849-1:2016, NEN-EN-ISO 4414:2010, NEN-EN-ISO 9606-1:2017, NEN-EN-ISO 15614-1:2017-12