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WIWOX® DI-EU blasting cabinets

Compact injector blast cabinets with cartridge filter and blasting media recovery system

Product description

WIWOX® DI-EU injector blasting cabinets are designed for use in production and maintenance. Ready for use equipped with integrated cartridge filter and abrasive recovery system. Economical operation with fine-grained abrasives with low air consumption of approx. 800 l/min. at 6 bar blasting pressure.

The blasting media is continuously sucked out of the cabinet by a constant negative pressure and separated from dirt and dust in a downstream cyclone. A cyclone screen (possibly with ring magnet) collects coarse impurities. In this way, only clean abrasive remains in circulation. The used abrasive, dust and small impurities are led through the cartridge filter chamber to the dust collecting bucket.

Options and accessories

  • Turntable on turnstile
  • Mobile turntable with rail system and side loading platform
  • Wear protection lining on rear, front and side walls
  • Pistol holder for stationary mounting
  • Motor-driven turntable or satellite tactical table
  • Pistol traverse device, horizontal or vertical


  • Cleaning
  • Derusting
  • Deburring
  • Descaling
  • Roughening
External dimensions1250 x 1280 x 1970 H mm1550 x 1380 x 2045 H mm
Effective dimensions1100 x 800 x 740 H mm1370 x 890 x 810 H mm
Door dimensions690 x 620 H mm790 x 690 H mm
Working height810 mm810 mm
Loading weight350 kg max. 350 kg max.
Weight335 kg480 kg
Number of filters1 pcs.2 pcs.
Filter surface4 m²8 m²
Suction capacity600 m³/h600 m³/h
Negative pressure1600 Pa1600 Pa
Connection230 V / 50 Hz / 0,85 kW230 V / 50 Hz / 0,85 kW
Compressed air600 - 1000 l/min. bei 6 bar und 8 mm Düse600 - 1000 l/min. bei 6 bar und 8 mm Düse