WIWOX PeenPearl®

mineral − round

Product description

WIWOX PeenPearl® are the new mineral abrasives with the perfect spherical shape. It consists of aluminum oxide (Al₂O₃) in combination with a high content of titanium dioxide (TiO₂). Its texture is exceptionally dense and resistant to breakage. Other mineral blasting material, such as glass-beads are indirection lifetime exceeded many times over. According low is the dust in a blasting room as well as the volume of waste for disposal.

WIWOX PeenPearl® produces extremely smooth, shiny surfaces, ideal for the visual appearance of high-quality components. By the uniform compaction can functional Surfaces to be improved in their properties (Shot-Peening effect). The contained iron oxide (TiO₂) is completely crystalline bound. Ferrite residues on Surfaces are therefore excluded. For the processing of stainless steels and nonferrous metals opened WIWOX PeenPearl® blasting abrasives new perspectives.

Technical data

Grain shape
Melting point
Bulk weight
Modulus of elasticity

Al₂O₃ (Alumina)
SiO₂ (Silica)
Fe₂O₃ (Iron oxide)
TiO₂ (Titanium oxide)

8,5 Mohs
3,4 g/cm³
1.850° C
approx. 1,9 – 2,1 g/cm³
approx. 300 GPa

75 – 80 %
7 – 12 %
2 – 6 %
2 – 6 %

Suitable blasting processes

  • Pressure blasting process
  • Blast wheel blasting process
Product nameGrain fieldDelivery unit
WIWOX PeenPearl® 0/400 – 40 μm25 kg Sack / 1000 kg BigBag
WIWOX PeenPearl® 40/8040 – 80 μm25 kg Sack / 1000 kg BigBag
WIWOX PeenPearl® 80/15080 – 150 μm25 kg Sack / 1000 kg BigBag
WIWOX PeenPearl® 150/250150 – 250 μm25 kg Sack / 1000 kg BigBag
WIWOX PeenPearl® 250/425250 – 425 μm25 kg Sack / 1000 kg BigBag

In addition to the listed blasting media, we also stock other types and grain sizes as well as our own special blasting media.