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WIWOX® 340 Cleaning chemical

Industrial neutral cleaner

Product description

Technical data

WIWOX® FR 340 is a weakly alkaline cleaning agent for grease, oil and oil carbon soiling. Very suitable for pre-cleaning or basic cleaning of soiled steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal or plastic parts in an ultrasonic bath or in a spray cleaning system. After cleaning and without water rinsing, the parts are temporarily protected against corrosion. The final drying can be accelerated by blowing off with compressed air, a warm air flow or treatment in a drying cabinet.

WIWOX® FR 340 can be used in a concentration of 5 – 7 %. Dilution with water depends on the degree of contamination and the intended exposure time. The bath should have a temperature of approx. 60° C. The bath should be kept at a constant temperature. In the field of precision mechanics, longer exposure times are possible depending on the degree of contamination.

Available container units

  • 30 kg


1,14 g/cm³
< 10,5

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