WIWOX® IDEA Spray chamber cleaning systems

Single/ multi-stage spray cleaning

Product description

Single and multi-stage spray chamber washing systems for industrial cleaning and degreasing of tools and parts. Loading takes place via an extendable loading platform at ergonomic working height.

Before cleaning, the loading basket is loaded and moved into the rinsing chamber. The individual stainless steel washing nozzles can be easily maintained and adjusted according to the application. The motor-driven spraying rotor completely revolves around the loaded parts. The washing system is operated via a side switch box with electrical control. Before the washing process, the loading basket is loaded and driven into the rinsing chamber via a roller conveyor. The door is closed manually (optionally also automatically). The machine reaches an operating temperature of 40°C within just a few minutes. After a further 30 minutes, the maximum washing temperature of 70°C is reached. The motor-driven spraying gyro completely revolves around the parts to be washed. The individual, screwed-in stainless steel washing nozzles can be easily maintained and adjusted according to the application.

The cleaning liquid consists of water and, depending on the application and contamination, alkaline, acidic or neutral detergent additives. The washing liquid flows back into the washing tank via an intermediate bottom with a removable coarse filter screen insert. The integrated oil separator ensures the treatment of the washing liquids used. In the idle state, with the pump and heating switched off, floating oils are skimmed off from the bath surface to extend the service life of the cleaner.


  • Multi-stage spray chamber cleaning method
  • External dimensions 3150 x 1720 x 2070 H mm
  • Useful dimensions 1250 x 1250 x 750 H mm
  • Spray gyroscope diameter 1300 mm
  • Max loading 800 kg
  • Heating capacity 18 kW
  • Volume tank-1 890 litres
  • Volume tank-2 510 litres
  • Suction power 0,18 kW
  • Electrical connection 400/230V – 50Hz
  • Pump capacity 5.5 kW per tank

Options and accessories

  • Stainless steel bottom tray
  • Basket rotation unit for bulk material baskets

Product details

  • 2-stage cleaning process (cleaning and rinsing)
  • Complete system in stainless steel, outer skin brushed stainless steel
  • 50 mm heat and noise insulation
  • Control via Siemens SPS with touch display
  • Separate pump circuits for each stage
  • Weekly timer for tank heating
  • Pneumatic lifting door with 2-hand operation
  • Coarse filter screen in tank return line
  • Drain valve on each tank
  • Sludge flap on tank 1
  • Exhaust fan
  • Stainless steel loading trolley
  • Flood protection
  • Ball valve for subsequent connection of a filter
  • Shut-off valve for pump


  • Production and maintenance
  • Automotive and engine industry
  • Metalworking industry
  • Plastics and rubber industry