WIWOX® MIELE automatic cleaning systems

Deep cleaning and passivation sytems

Product description

In many maintenance areas high-quality and sensitive metal and stainless steel parts, tools, printed circuit boards, laboratory cutlery etc. have to be cleaned and dried. The cleaning requirements range from intermediate cleaning to cleaning and passivation ready for coating to particle contamination under clean room conditions. WIWOX® MIELE PG 8536 automatic cleaning machines offer you professional support in this task. Depending on the part size, up to 5 spray levels can be used. The cleaning procedure can generally be divided according to the work area, the intended use and the working method. These factors determine the equipment, the cleaning process and the choice of the right cleaning chemical.

The WIWOX® MIELE PG 8536 series deep cleaning and passivation machines are equipped with a touch display. It guarantees unique ease of operation and perfect hygiene. The chemical resistant glass surface, which is completely recessed into the front, enables simple and effective wipe disinfection. All keys are located behind glass and trigger the desired function at a slight pressure, even when the user is wearing gloves. The operation is very simple and only requires a few keys. All operating steps are displayed in plain text.

The cleaning procedure can generally be classified according to the work area, the intended use and the method of operation. These factors determine the equipment, the cleaning process and the choice of cleaning chemical. Knowledge of the physical and chemical properties of the contamination is particularly important for successful cleaning. In certain applications, disinfection is required to prevent the transmission of germs.


  • Spray chamber deep cleaning process
  • Cleanroom-compatible design with stainless-steel cladding
  • External dimensions 900 x 700 x 1175 H mm
  • Useful dimensions 500 x 535 T mm (top = 473 H mm / bottom = 516 H mm)
  • Freely programmable PROFITRONIC+ control with 18 programs and 30 free program places
  • Network connection for digital control and process documentation
  • 2 pcs. integrated high performance bellows dosing pumps incl. PerfectFlow sensor for ultrasonic dosing volume control
  • Circulation capacity 600l/min.
  • Spraying arm sensor PerfectSpeed
  • Short program runtimes
  • Drawer for 4 pcs. storage container à 5 L
  • Integrated hot-air drying unit


  • Hygienic fresh water fl ushing system with water change after each rinsing phase
  • Industrial spraying chamber cleaning technology combined in the most compact design
  • Quick installation and process integration
  • Maximum occupational safety
  • Easy to clean stainless-steel cladding
  • Touch display made of fl ush-mounted glass surface, operable with gloves
  • Digital control with text display
  • Analysis and process documentation for reproducible cleaning processes
  • Large selection of loading baskets, Trolleys and inserts


  • Deep cleansing
  • Passivation
  • Disinfection