WIWOX® VIVERK Spray chamber cleaning systems

Single/multi-stage spray cleaning

Product description

WIWOX® VIVERK are single and multi-stage spray chamber cleaning systems for aqueous cleaning, pretreatment and degreasing of tools and parts. Loading takes place via an extendable platform, which can be loaded at an ergonomic working height. The workpieces are mechanically cleaned by means of pump pressure in the spray chamber process.
The temperature-controlled washing liquid is sprayed onto the workpiece via a spray frame. Positive cleaning results depend on the following factors:

  • Water pressure
  • Amount of water
  • Washing temperature
  • Washing time
  • Program flow
  • Cleaning chemistry

The washing plant is operated via a side switch box with electrical control. Before the washing process, the loading basket is loaded and driven into the rinsing chamber via a roller conveyor. The door is closed manually (optionally also automatically). The machine reaches an operating temperature of 40°C within just a few minutes. After a further 30 minutes, the maximum washing temperature of 70°C is reached. The motor-driven spraying gyro completely revolves around the parts to be washed. The individual, screwed-in stainless steel washing nozzles can be easily maintained and adjusted according to the application.


  • Outside dimensions open 1335 x 1397 x 2922 H mm
  • Useful dimensions max. 1000 mm Ø / 800 mm H
  • Max loading 500 kg
  • Connected load 17 kW
  • Electrical connection 3 x 400V
  • Fuse protection 32A
  • Tank volume 600 litres
  • Tank heating 12 kW
  • Pump capacity 200 litres/min.

Options and accessories

  • Automatic water refill
  • Automatic detergent dosing
  • Rotary unit for bulk material
  • Error diagnosis in text form on the operating panel

Product details

  • Interior cladding, washing basket, filter basket and roller conveyor completely made of stainless steel
  • Rotating spraying rotors move around the wash item
  • Simple operation due to SPS-control
  • Easily accessible washing tank with large filter areas for quick changing and emptying
  • Pneumatic lift door with eccentric sealing system and crush protection for increased personnel safety
  • Very good heat and noise insulation
  • High pump pressure with wide spray cone for best possible cleaning results
  • Low-maintenance design on a small footprint
  • Spray motor is located at the top outside the system
  • Waste water-free washing liquid circuit Incl. digital control, level sensor, steam venting, oil separator and loading trolley


  • Production and maintenance
  • Automotive and engine industry
  • Metalworking industry
  • Plastics and rubber industry