WIWOX® DIABLO (S) Compact pyrolysis oven

Thermal cleaning of tools, nozzles, filters, dies, etc.

Product description

Thermal cleaning at up to 500° C removes all organic residues, even from fine drill holes. Depending on the melting and decomposition point of the residues, they are either first melted off or immediately pyrolyzed. The exhaust air produced during the smoldering phase is burned in the afterburner chamber at over 850° C. Bevor leaving the oven, the exhaust air is cooled down to approx. 150° C. Comparing to bigger ovens, there is no need for an insulated chimney.

Cleaning in the pyrolysis process requires subsequent cleaning. Inorganic components, oxidation residues, corrosion, etc. remain on the tool surface and must be removed. The ultrasonic process with acidic or alkaline cleaning media or the blasting process with organic and mineral blasting media are suitable for this.


  • External dimensions 1000 x 2200 x 2200 H mm (*)
  • Usable dimensions 500 x 500 x 750 H mm
  • Max.loading 150 kg
  • Max. Pollution 1,5 kg (PE – PP)
  • Weight ca. 1100 kg
  • Gas connection 1/2“
  • Connection pressure min. 150 mbar (**)
  • Electrical connection 3 x 400V + N / 50Hz 22A 10kw
  • Compressed air supply 1/2“ – 6 – 8 bar
  • Ambient temperature 0 – 40° C
  • Fresh air supply 2100 m³/h
  • Exhaust connection 160 mm
  • Exhaust air temp. 150° C

(*) with the door open.
(**) Low-pressure burner min. 25 mbar

In case of chlorine- or fluorine.containing pollutions, a lime filter is mandatory. Please ask us for an option fitting your needs.

Product details

  • Fast thermal cleaning process
  • Short cycle times, starting at 360 min.
  • Pneumatic sliding door for fast loading and unloading
  • SPS controlled temperature and process monitoring
  • Programmable cleaning cycles
  • Temp. exactly adjustable up to 500° C
  • Collection tray for easy cleaning
  • Operation either with natural gas or liquid gas
  • Integrated afterburner chamber
  • Exhaust temperature approx. 150° C


  • Thermal cleaning of tools, nozzles, filters, dies, etc.