WIWOX® CORUS Activa Ultrasonic cleaning tank

Cleaning technology for production and maintenance

Product description

WIWOX® CORUS Activa is optimized for industrial maintenance cleaning of complex parts. The CORUS Activa models are equipped with an extremly robust, integrated loading platform. The stable platform makes loading and unloading parts easy and safe. The platform also performs a dipping motion during the treatment cycle, resulting in faster and more uniform ultrasonic cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an extremely effective method for industrial maintenance cleaning.

It removes even the toughest contaminants from complex parts quickly with minimal manual intervention. Gentle – non-abrasive to the base material. Safe – a controlled process in a closed basin, with no media contact. Environmentally friendy – low energy and water consumption.

Options and Accessories

  • Pneumatic operation of the lid (Corus Activa 240 and 360) contributes to the safety and comfort of operation.
  • Ventilation duct at the edge of the basin with exhaust fan – reduces exposure to vapors and heat.
  • Closed circuit with P1S or P2S bag filter – extends the life of the bath and improves the cleanliness result.
  • Overflow edge with effective calming zone and circulation pump- allows oil to be skimmed from the surface of the bath, avoiding recontamination of parts when they are lifted out.
  • Off-line filter / particle filtration
  • Integrated oil separation
  • Flushing units with air bubble agitation are also available.


  • Ultrasonic cleaning
WIWOX® CORUS Activa 240360480
Dimensions of the loading platform and usable height 800 x 500 x 400 H mm1100 x 600 x 400 H mm1250 x 700 x 650 H mm
Max loading250 kg250 kg500 kg
Tank volume409 l498 l898 l
US-power (Nominal power) 2,4 kW3,6 kW4,8 kW
HeizleistungHeating capacity12 kW15 kW30 kW