WIWOX® CORUS HD Ultrasonic cleaning systems

Cleaning technology for production

Product description

WIWOX® CORUS HD ultrasonic systems have been specially designed for cleaning high-quality moulds and precision tools. In maintenance these replace the labour-intensive and often ineffective manual cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaning process can be used for all metal moulds, in particular tools for injection moulding, extrusion, rubber processing as well as aluminium and gravity die casting.

A typical structure consists of three stages: 1. cleaning, 2. rinsing and 3. passivating. The usable dimensions are matched to common mould sizes. The workpieces to be washed are placed in the tank either with the aid of a washing basket or with a lifting beam.

Our ErgoStation is recommended for manual rinsing, drying and post-treatment. The working area is completely enclosed, brightly illuminated and ventilated. Operation is safe and simple, as the moulded parts are loaded laterally through a sliding door and held by a lifting device during treatment. You can convince yourself of the economic effi ciency of the system by extensive cleaning tests in our laboratory.

Product details

  • Welded steel tank, 2 mm
  • Skimmer edge at the pool edge
  • Basket support bar and guide rails above the water level
  • Control on the front side
  • Main switch on the back side
  • Integrated switch box at the rear of the system
  • V-shaped tank
  • Heat and noise insulated
  • US submersible transducer mounted on front and rear panel
  • Immersible heating element
  • Self-supporting sheet metal frame
  • Height adjustable feet
  • Digital control display
  • Adjustable running time 00:00 – 500:59 mmm:ss
  • Temperature with three programmable presets
  • 7-day timer
  • Temperature detection
  • dry-run protection


  • Ultrasonic cleaning

Options and Accessories

  • Rinsing and drying tank
  • Ergodental station
  • Buffer tank / filter circuit
  • Small parts basket /Washing basket
  • Traverses and chain hoists
  • Hinged and pneumatic lids
  • Spray bar
  • Air injection
  • Edge extraction
  • Floor trough
WIWOX® CORUS120-HD240-HD360-HD480-HD
External dimensions670 x 900 x
917 H mm
980 x 1045 x
970 H mm
1050 x 1151 x
1200 H mm
1300 x 1151 x
1200 H mm
Effective dimensions339 x 645 x
484 H mm
654 x 449 x
603 H mm
724 x 473 x
758 H mm
964 x 473 x
758 H mm
mould size
400 x 400 H mm450 x 450 H mm600 x 600 H mm800 x 600 H mm
Loading weight100 kg200 kg300 kg500 kg
Tank volume135 l286 l410 l500 l
Displacement reserve14 l46 l80 l100 l
Heating3 kW5 kW9 kW9 kW
Temperature rangemax. 80° Cmax. 80° Cmax. 80° Cmax. 80° C
US-power1,2 / 2,4 kW2,4 / 4,8 kW3,6 / 7,2 kW4,8 / 9,6 kW
US-frequency30 kHz30 kHz30 kHz30 kHz
Boost / Sweep / DegasYes / Yes / Yes Yes / Yes / Yes Yes / Yes / Yes Yes / Yes / Yes
Level sensorFloatersFloatersFloatersFloaters
Frequency50 – 60 Hz50 – 60 Hz50 – 60 Hz50 – 60 Hz
Connected load5 kW8,3 kW13,6 kW14,8 kW
Power9,6 A12,6 A23,6 A23,6 A
Noise level85 dB(A)85 dB(A)85 dB(A)85 dB(A)