WIWOX® USm/im Ultrasonic cleaning tanks

Modular and flexible cleaning processes

Product description

The WIWOX® USm Ultrasonic cleaning tanks enable individual, demand-oriented surface treatment in a single or multi-stage process. The modular design allows adaptation to almost all requirements and subsequent expansion or automation is possible at any time.

Aqueous cleaning at temperatures between 60° and 80° C ensures absolute degreasing and particle removal. Organic or inorganic residues such as polishing paste, paint, plastic, release agents, oil carbon or lime can be easily removed by using the right cleaner. The workpieces are cleaned within a few minutes. The cleaning result is always perfect and reproducible. The subsequent rinsing process is followed by stain-free post-cleaning or preservation.

The WIWOX® ultrasonic cleaning process can be used for all steel moulds as well as brass and copper parts. Especially tools for injection moulding, extrusion, rubber processing, aluminium die casting and gravity die casting. You can convince yourself of the economic efficiency of the system by extensive tests with your moulds and parts. We can also provide you with a test facility for this purpose by arrangement.

Product details

  • Aqueous cleaning at temperatures between 60 – 80° C
  • Designed for alkaline, neutral and acidic chemicals
  • Piezo transducer at the bottom or at the sides
  • Tank made of 2 mm welded stainless steel (1.4301)
  • Outer cladding completely in stainless steel
  • Boost and sweep function
  • Integrated ultrasonic generator
  • Heat and noise insulation
  • Stainless steel lid with handle
  • Manual surface skimming with overflow weir for the Removal of floating oils with separate drain valve
  • Sensor-controlled level monitoring as dry-running protection for ultrasound and heating
  • Waterproof touch display to control the timer, heating time and temperature function
  • Acid resistant stainless steel drain valve (1.4436)


  • Ultrasonic cleaning

Options and Accessories

  • Rinsing, preserving and drying basins
  • Manual, pneumatic lifting device
  • Vertical lifting and lowering device
  • Drip collar to reduce bath carryover
  • Small parts basket and washing basket
  • Buffer tanks and filter circuits
  • Oil separator
WIWOX® USm80i / m80imm120i / m120imm160i
External dimensions760 x 460 x 720 H mm740 x 580 x 745 H mm1340 x 460 x 770 H mm
Tank dimensions585 x 330 x 400 H mm585 x 450 x 455 H mm1180 x 330 x 400 H mm
Basket dimensions540 x 290 x 310 H mm540 x 400 x 360 H mm1110 x 280 x 310 H mm
Loading weight25 kg35 kg40 kg
Tank weight73 kg87 kg120 kg
Tank volume68 l107 l136 l
Displacement reserve10 l14 l20 l
Heating2000 W4000 W6000 W
Temperature rangemax. 80° Cmax. 80° Cmax. 80° C
US-power1200 W1200 W2400 W
US-frequency30 or 40 kHz (*)30 or 40 kHz (*)30 or 40 kHz (*)
Immersible transducersBottom or side (*)Bottom or side (*)Bottom
Boost / Sweep / DegasYes / Yes / Yes Yes / Yes / Yes Yes / Yes / Yes
Power frequency50 – 60 Hz50 – 60 Hz50 – 60 Hz
Voltage220 – 240 W220 – 240 W220 – 240 W

(*) The models of the USm80i and USm120i series are optionally available with side transducers (USim).
All models of the USm/im series are optionally available in a 30 or 40 kHz version.